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Our company Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours helps you in the arrangement of treks for the small family groups , school or college groups and we make sure to their safety because their safety comes first in all the situation. We treat our trekker members as our dear guest and give them the best qualified services and helps you to get back to you home safe and sound.
Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours is a Sherpa owned company that organizes professional, Himalayan treks and mountain activities. Our qualified guides have a wealth of experience in high altitude trekking and mountaineering with each guide holding a nationally recognized "Trekking Guide License". Our guides are also fluent in English and we also have French and German speakers in our team.

Sherpa people are well known for their experience and competence in the high mountains and for the contributions they have made to thousands of high profile expeditions in the Himalaya. Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours has emerged to give you the opportunity to arrange your tours directly with the experts.

Our company helps individuals, families, school or college groups plan their custom treks or select from our tailor-made tours. Our experience and competence ensures that safety comes first in all situations. We treat our trekkers as our dear guests, and with the best qualified guides and services, we ensure that everyone gets back home safe and sound with stories to tell about their most fantastic mountain experiences.
Why Trek with Us ?

Soul Himalaya are convinced that, with us you will have an experience of a lifetime trekking in the mountains of Nepal because we provide the highest quality of service. We know that our customers expect high standards and we use their feedback to continually improve and adjust our services to ensure the best possible trekking experiences with the highest safety standards.

Until now, worldwide trekkers, mountaineers and adventurous tour lovers have found many reasons to trek with our Soul Himalaya treks Groups. These include:

Company Leadership And Profile and Licensed Services

We are a legally registered trekking company under the latest constitution of Nepal 2073 established specifically to conduct trekking and safari activities all over Nepal. We are authorized by the constitution to conduct all the activities that we conduct and we are happy to let you know about this.

Commitment to Local Development

In addition to our adventure services, we have strong commitments to conservation of local cultures and environments, and actively promote rural children’s education. Since 2014, we’ve operated a charity program delivering reading and school supplies to children near our trekking locations.

Vast Experience in the Industry

A very important factor for a successful trip is the amount of experience possessed by the guides involved. Every single guide that you will be assigned by us are individuals who have gained on-the-ground experience for more than dozens of years. Even though it has just been three years since our inception as a company, all of us has toiled in the tourism industry for dozens of years. We provide services that are not only presented with careful deliberation over what is best for everyone involved, but also sprinkles of vast experience in the industry.

Delivers Satisfaction to Our Customers

In our short history of three years, we have delivered fulfilling services to many clients. Our customer satisfaction is evident from the amount of re-bookings that our clients book with us again and again. And the amount of referrals we receive from our satisfied customers to their friends, families and relatives is also a trademark achievement we have been able to garner, not only as company, but also as individuals working in the field before the company even started.

Safety is the Top Priority for Us

We think safety is the most crucial factor to consider for any trip. With that aim in mind, we plan and execute our trips with the most careful manner possible. That means having well-experienced and well-trained guides to guide you through the natural wilderness. It means having a delicate balance between safety and entertainment carefully considered by the trip leaders from years and years of training and experience in the field. It means giving careful consideration to the food we eat, clothes we wear and activities we do. It also means considering the legal, social and cultural matters of any place that we go to very seriously and plan everything accordingly. We have various emergency equipment and procedures ever ready should any unforeseen situation may occur.

Professional, Friendly and Helpful Staffs

We embody our national belief of greeting our guests as Gods. Everything we do, ranging from how we converse with each other to how we operate as a company, runs alongside that belief system. You will see how the staff you will meet, from your very own guide picking you up from the airport to any porter who will be helping you throughout the trip, will accompany that very feeling of devotion and friendship with you. Though a majority of people you will meet in Nepal are essentially friendly and helpful, we work tirelessly to ensure that you will have the best experience within our company as well.


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