Nepal, an exquisite destination for travel

Nepal, an exquisite destination for travel
Nepal, there is no use of bragging about Nepal in a small essay like this because that simply is not possible because the more you write about Nepal, the more ideas hit your brain. Nepal, no dought, is a heaven for tourists with all those cultural and natural heritages spread around all over the holy land, the breathtaking scenarios of natural beauty present almost everywhere in the country and all those beautiful, amiable faces welcoming you in your every step. Nepal can be your dreamland if you are just searching some place for your summer holiday and to refrain from your everyday work and fractious life. Nepal, from my point of view, can just be the perfect destination for peoples all over the world as all those facilities, hospitality and scenarios are provided in a relatively low cost than other countries. It can also be your perfect destination if you are an adventure lover or if you are that future biologist looking for a place to research. Nepal has almost everything for almost everyone.
Nepal is a hub of cultural diversity, with a myriad of more than 100 castes within a small area of 147,181 sq. km. and a population of just 26 million. These castes have sub-castes, many with their own language, diversified culture, tradition and unique way of living. The capital of the country, Kathmandu was once quoted to be the ‘city where there are more temples than houses.’ In some sense, it is true as it has the most number (7) of UNESCO world heritage sites within a small radius of 15km. Everyone visiting Nepal gets astonished by seeing this. One can never forget the Thakali food he ate, the Tibetan tea he tasted for the very first time, the simply awesome “Mo-Mo” dumplings they ate and many more.The country is divided into three geographical regions, namely, the Himalayan, the hilly and the Terai, each having their own diversifications in terms of culture, tradition, language and et al.
The unique tradition of respecting elders, treating guests as god and taking all citizens as brothers or sisters can hardly be found in other parts of the globe, except some. The Nepali people believe and treat every single guest as an avatar of god. So, every single person you happen to meet, from young smart juveniles to old grandpas, will greet you with their warmest of the greetings, the most generous of the smiles and the most elated of their feelings. Nepalese are recognized to be the most generous, friendly and amiable peoples around the globe, which are most known because of such qualities.
It is an open book for scientific researches and study because of its extreme biodiversity, including that of both flora and fauna. Well, it is said that more than 8% of the total birds of the world are found in the small country of Nepal, which only covers 0.03% of the total geographical area of the world. That’s something that you can never find in any other countries of the world. There are many species of flora and fauna found in the country. The interesting fact is that some of the flora and fauna are strictly found in Nepal only, including the ‘Kaade Vyakur Chara (local name), Asala fish of Rara Lake, Jalkapur fish, and others. The country is an open book for different kinds of study and researches for the interested ones.
In a nutshell, you can simply say that Nepal has everything for everyone. While travelling past peoples belonging to more than 100 castes, it feels like travelling to more than 100 countries of the world. The generosity flowing around the environment, the soothing air besides a river or lake, the simply awesome experience from above a very high hill and the very noisy, but ‘full of fun’ environment during a festival are some of the life time experience which you are barely going to forget in your life. It is simply the heaven for all the awesome experiences and activities that you are saving for you future. Organisations like TGAN are playing a great role in uplifting the tourism sector of the country by assuring happiness in every ones face returning back to their country and a hope in the face of Nepalese that they will return back soon with more of their kiths and kins.
thank you all and welcome to nepal

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